How Co-working Offices Are Different From Conventional Offices

Co-working Offices Coworking-spaces-to-play-an-imperative-role

Co-working offices are trending and it is the need of the hour especially post lock-down due to the outbreak of Covid-19. When we talk of conventional offices we start getting pictures of a dull and dim office area, with little or no sunlight coming in, clumsily spaced cabins, and long-lines at the Xerox machine where getting a cup of coffee feels like that is the best that could happen to you in your entire office career. Let us tell you that you deserve much better and your employees deserve much better because your company deserves much better.

When you start spending more and more of your time in the office working on the next big thing, and you would like your employees to do the same, you will have to take care of their moods at the workplace and constantly keep working to improve the general aura and atmosphere at the place where most of the work gets done.

Let us see how a co-working space is different from a typical office space and how that gives you better tangible results:

  • FLEXIBILITY (cost minimization): When your company is a fetus in its primary stage, it requires a lot of your care and attention, just like a child. In such a situation, every additional penny wisely used is actually a penny saved. Why should you waste both time and energy and most importantly money in making a giant building to support your team who will work on the idea and try their best to make it work? Don’t you think that you should be investing in the idea instead and find out whether or not it is worth investing in it or not? This is the flexibility that every entrepreneur craves and this is the flexibility that the co-working spaces provide, which has revolutionized the corporate sector completely. More and more start-ups are coming up and joining this revolution and none the less even the big brands are not lagging behind to try it out. You can use the amount of space you currently need and take up space as your company grows in size and you start to have a bigger and better team and what is cooler is that you would just pay for what you use that’s it!
  • CUSTOMIZATION (Brand Image): With co-working spaces, it is pretty easy to get your space customized in whichever way you may want it to. As a person leaves your office, they are going to carry an impression and their word of mouth or first-hand experience is going to win or make you lose clients in the near future impacting your business and growth. Making them satisfied with your products and services is one thing, and making them remember your brand name is another, which takes proper planning of the ambiance and colours and lighting and aura that you want to project your name with. The kind of environment you make for them is the kind of image your brand will be associated with. Most new start-ups and companies are very typical and firm on their brand image; they are usually keen to leave a good impression on people who might become their potential clients or customers.
  • PRIME LOCATION: Setting up your office in the prime location of the city will sure bring your brand credibility and give it the image it needs to succeed but is also going to come at a big cost. Having the office set up at a prime location not only impacts your brand image but also impacts your mobility and recreation. Your employees might be able to get a project done looking at the last-minute changes of your client’s plan and you might still be able to deliver on time, just because you are primarily located. Your employees might be able to balance a better social and family life, which impacts their performance at work just because your office is primarily located. So what if we told you that, there is a way that you get all this but still pay a fraction of the price? We could tell you that because it is indeed possible! Co-working spaces are usually primarily located, which serves you the purpose and stature that your brand might demand, which will impact your brand’s credibility and the way it is going to be perceived in the market and you pay for just the space you use while enjoying the perks that the location has to offer.
  • COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT: When many like-minded people come together to create something they are all passionate about they create something phenomenal! It’s a common saying that you must have heard from a lot of people. This holds so true and is very relevant in this scenario because not only you have built a team of people who have shared the same vision and enthusiasm as you do but also you surround them with other people and projects and start-ups and companies that keep them inspired, motivated and drive them to think, do and be better constantly. This is generally achieved through big conferences and events that are organized by big corporation houses and multi-million companies that want to widen their reach and keep their own employees motivated, inspired, and also to spot new talents to recruit and newer ideas to invest. This is one of the biggest perks of working in a co-working space as it gives you this opportunity to reach more people and network better for free!
  • PERKS: A very distinct feature of opting for a co-working space is that they too are in business. By that, we meant, that since the providers for such spaces are in business too, they would too try their best to reach out to as many clients possible and will give their best to improve their services. You would find most co-working space providers are not only going to provide you with space they are going to try their best to be in business and stay relevant for as long as possible. Hence, you may find additional perks such as free wifi and broadband hi-speed data, free cafeteria, free security services, etc.

Co-working offices are the best when it comes to your business. These co-working offices are more productive for your employees. The environment of co-working offices are very supportive and fits in the regular budget, businesses must try these concepts once.

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