10 things to keep in mind while choosing your co-working space

10-things-to-keep-in-mind-while-choosing-your-co-working space

Co-working spaces have changed the entire face of corporate. It’s not only drastically changing the ways of doing business but it also brings about changes the way these businesses network, collaborate, economize, and fuel creativity all along with favoring the small budget. The question that arises after having looked at the benefits of working in a co-working space is to choose the right spot? How to go about choosing the right spot for you? What things to keep in mind? If these look like some of the questions that you have been looking answers for then, follow along, and have a look at this guide. You might want to keep a note and pen handy and make a checklist of all the points that you might want to tick mark when you go about space hunting.


The first thing to keep in mind is the location of your co-working space. Making sure that space is either in your vicinity or is very well connected to the other parts of the city through public transport might be helpful. You might also want to take into account the time it takes to commute to the location by foot when you take a metro and for when you drive yourself and then also have an eye at, whether or not the time that is been given up traveling is worth the effort or not. If you think being located in the prime area of the city is where you want to be at and that will give your company the attention it needs, then, by all means, go for it but then make sure that you take care of all your team members being able to come to your office without any issue. You may want to reach by providing transport to them or give them a transportation incentive that might push them to drive that extra mile but still be enthusiastic about their work.


Yes! The second most important thing is a strong and reliable internet connection. We are living in a world, where practically everything is conducted through the internet and you would want to make your company and team do not have to worry about the basic necessity of today’s day and age. The good news, however, remains that most co-working spaces offer give free internet connectivity and claim to have a robust reliable internet, maintaining a good high speed. But it is always advised to check it yourself personally before finalizing the deal.


The amenities that we are talking about here are any amenities that you might expect an office to have. Some of these may include, clean toilets and restrooms, a conference room where you will be free to conduct your business meetings without outside interruptions.


You want to know whether your co-working space is safe to be in or not. Check what the security protocol for space is, are there any security professionals given the responsibility to safeguard the area, these are some of the things to keep in mind. Check how easily you can pop in and out of the place. Check what the protocol is in case a fire breaks out. Are there fire-extinguishers? If yes, then, organize training programs to educate your members about it and about how to use it. This is important because that is going to be a place where a lot of electronics and going to be kept and any short circuit or any leak of water during the rainy days can set the entire thing on fire.


Co-working spaces are great for collaborating, network, and get amazing opportunities for work. So, it might be helpful to get a list of all the other tenants and start to know them, if you are going to take the place on rent.


Sometimes some of our plus points hold the power to become some of our minuses. Similarly, the very plus points of working in a co-working space can become the minus points of working in such a place. Working at the same place as other organizations can take a toll on your company’s privacy and growth strategies, which are crucial for your company’s growth and success. Here we have taken the assumption of a company working in a co-working space, but really, no matter whether you own a company, a start-up, or you are are a freelancer, PRIVACY IS CRUCIAL! So before signing the lease, please make sure that the place is well secure and proven to give the privacy you need for growth and success.


Did you think that we are not going to touch on this one? We got you! Even though most co-working spaces are designed by keeping freelancers and start-ups in mind, hence its quite unlikely for the space to be overpriced but still make sure that the place fits your budget and by fitting your budget we don’t mean you to just consider the rent but also the transport costs, the time it takes to reach the location and also other costs related to it, for example, electricity bills and maintenance costs. Also, it might be helpful to cross-check the experience and pricing for the place by talking to other people who have taken the place on rent.


Before signing the contract please read the papers carefully. It might be helpful to keep in touch with an advocate if you’re doing this process for the first time. You might want to keep your friends and colleagues who have gone through a similar process in the past to set their businesses, better if their businesses and they are based in the same city as you that might help you to have a piece of good knowledge about the laws of the land and you might find a better view on the contract.


Talk to the owner of the place and ask if you could take the place on lease for a trial period, or a short period, that may be a week, a month, or maybe some months on together. Whichever you choose and select, be sure to communicate the same clearly with your landlord and maybe having some of your trusted team- members over to work with you at the place for some time and test out the place personally.


Extra perks from having a café nearby or being situated in the prime area of the city might be really helpful to get you high on the trust list of the investors, maybe get you some extra attention and get you some extra clients.



Before signing the lease, be sure the landlord is reliable, the location is reliable, the building is well-made and reliable and maintenance staff is also reliable.


Lastly, we just want to touch on the point of maintaining your aesthetics and being true to your vision. A lot of people might think it’s not important and might want to miss out on this one. But we just want to touch on this one well. A lot of freelancers and creative take inspiration from the kind of space they live in and the kind of space they work in, like painters, writers, and actors, etc. take tours and try out new and different things to find their vision and things that inspire them. So might want to take into consideration to find a space that not only shelters your team but also inspires your creative juices.

So these are some of the things that we think you should take into consideration before finalizing the co-working space that you want to keep in mind and take into consideration.

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