Benefits of Joining Co-Working Space

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To look at co-working spaces as just spaces where different start-ups, companies, freelancers and other creative and businesses share space, collaborate and work together is to be looking at just a piece of a whole picture, in other words, we want to prove it to you and make you see how co-working spaces are a new revolution in the entire corporate sector and much more than just shared working spaces because it serves all and saddens none. So let us begin.

So how exactly does this entire co-working space work? So basically it’s like freelancing of space. Inviting collaborators and company representatives at home might not make the actual impression on them as you may desire to have, having pets or kids at home just worsens the entire situation to a whole another level. Imagine talking about business and money and suddenly your kids bring their new play into your meeting room, not cool right? But let’s assume that you are a small start-up and now, neither you see the point of, nor do you want to invest your limited resources in buying property for building office spaces for your small group of workers to work efficiently when you could have invested that money into your new-born business. In such a case, a co-working space comes into rescue. Stick around as we go on to elaborate on that!    

So why are we fanboying/girling the entire co-working space thing? Let’s find out.

  1. Start-up Friendly

So we know we dropped a little hint up there, but now let us look exactly how these co-working spaces are the new super-heroes of the corporate sector. So basically, co-working spaces are specially designed for creative and start-ups to be able to collaborate, grow, and work efficiently and smoothly, helping them to keep a work-life balance and having more flexibility. Co-working spaces will let you rent an area for a day/month or even a year according to different rules and regulations of the specific building, there may be some ground-rules that all who are renting are must to abide by, which keeps each group accountable to maintain harmony in the space. So you get the space you choose, for the number of days that your contract facilitates and pay for space only for that! Now you can work and convert your space in whichever way to please, this saves you (as a new start-up company or just any company looking to cut down costs) from putting chunks of money into building an office space and use that money to enhance your business instead.

  1. Flexibility in Work Flow

Co-working spaces also give you the flexibility to take up more space as your team grows or to give up on space as it shrinks and pay according to the space you choose to use. There are no strict rules, as it is you who make the rules and decide how the culture of your company will be. These perks make you less accountable and one less problem to stress about. Co-working spaces let you design your own space which helps you grow and not just to fit in.

  1. Prospects of better networking

Co-working spaces diversify the entire atmosphere of the “work experience”, and not only that they encourage better networking and expand the probable exposure of your company. As many companies share the working space, they get to peek into the “behind the scenes” of each other’s companies and take notice of each other’s work and effort, not only that this also builds trust among the companies working together in the long-run. They see each other’s working styles, they not only get inspired by each other’s work ethic and dedication, but they also get drawn to work together, collaborate, and grow together.

  1. Less Expenditure

As we have touched on this one while talking about how co-working spaces favoring startups. Co-working spaces let you invest your limited resources into your company rather tossing it into building office spaces. The flexibility provides also allows you to spend more or less on the office space according to your requirements and the size of your team and adjust according to the same. This brings down the cost from 10-25% while providing you all that a basic office-space can provide.

  1. Promotes Business Growth

Cost-cutting and flexibility mean enhanced funds and smooth workflow. Benefits like expanded exposure, customized workspace, scalability of space, promotion of collaborative work all at half a price which is flexible too, isn’t that great news!? According to space required make co-working spaces in favor of small businesses and promote growth.

  1. Leadership, Inspiration, and Mentorship

A big reason why people living in smaller houses are happier because they do not have much space to escape to, hence they are kind of forced to talk, listen and understand and solve problems and misunderstandings then and there. Similarly, small working spaces expose interns with their bosses directly, on one on one basis and give them more chances and scope to grow and learn. Smaller spaces give leaders and mentors and people with more authority and at higher positions to have a direct look at the pluses and the minuses of the working environment they provide as bosses to their workers and interns. It gives them a chance to learn and get inspired by their juniors and if a problem arises, it is more likely to go unnoticed and find its way to a solution.

  1. Non-monetary support

Non-monetary support does matter! Simple and straight! Like the real GDP of a country is reflected by the living standards and the happiness of the normal citizen and resident rather than the monetary value that is projected as the “GDP” and, similarly in working spaces the non-monetary values are the real determinants of the growth and development of the company. Hence, if you want your company to grow, you have to make sure that the work environment that your workers work in is a good one where they feel comforted and safe to be working with you. Smaller spaces bring something that needs to be addressed very easily to the perspective of the people who hold the power to change what needs changing and remove what needs removing. Hence, this gives you a chance of becoming a better employer and your company being a better space to work in.

  1. Like-mindedness

Co-working spaces give like-minded people a chance to come and work together and build a safe and nourishing environment to work in.

When a lot of good things come together only good can come out of it.

  1. Personal space with professional engagements

Co-working spaces give you the benefits of professional engagements along with the flexibility for you to design a more “homely” office. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

  1. Promoting collaboration and learning new skills

Small spaces kind of force you to maximize the little space you get and learn efficiency and do more things with fewer things. Promoting the culture of collaboration and multi-tasking, smaller spaces make you learn and grow faster as fewer people are made to look after more things.

So these were some of the many benefits that you can avail if you choose a co-working space for your upcoming venture, start-up, or other collaborative work.

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