Coworking Spaces Becoming Major Success Factors for Freelancers

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Coworking spaces are a boon to freelancers; according to the latest statistics, every third person in 20% of the global organizations is doing some kind of freelancing work now and then. Some are into designing, some people are into developing IOS applications and some are writing articles. Most of the successful freelancers have left their jobs to contribute their part to the economy.

A huge portion of these freelancers are people who have a craving to earn money according to their convenience and do not like doing a regular 9to5 job. It is a fact that according to time and situations people and businesses have to adapt themselves. Coworking spaces are one such change that had a huge impact on freelancing.

Coworking spaces have contributed a lot to improve the work culture of the present generation. The present-day workforce prefers to work independently and want to enjoy every moment of their life. The freedom to work according to their schedule is the biggest motivating factor for them and this makes them responsible, engaging, and interactive.

How coworking has become the biggest success factor for freelancers?

Professional Image

There is a misconception among the people that the freelancing economy is not a major contributor to the GDP. Let us face the truth according to a recent study the freelancing will reach $2.7 trillion by the year 2025.

So for freelancers coworking spaces offer a platform to meet clients in a professional environment. This has a chance of giving your client a good impression as to how serious and professional you are about your work.

Coworking spaces provide exclusive meeting rooms, conference halls and Skype pods which will help you to build a long-lasting image on your client.

Coworking Environment Leads to improvement and productivity in Work

No matter how serious you are about your work and how much time you spend it is different from sitting and working in a professional space.

We have a certain rhythm where our body and mind function differently at home and work, when we are at work it is different and when we are at home it is different, which segregates our work from home.

When you are working in a coworking space you will notice a huge change in the way you focus and concentrate on work and your thinking abilities and speed of work will also improve a lot.

Coworking Space acts as a motivator

No matter how serious and committed you are towards your work at home you will have some distraction or the other. Whether it’s watching your favourite show on television or going through posts on Facebook or it may be anything.

Coworking spaces motivate you because you will find that people around you are busy working, using their time productively making money. So, there are very few chances for you to waste time, and even once in a while it happens so, you will come back to your work much faster than when you are at home. Coworking spaces help you to stay focused and disciplined and motivate you to give your best as you see so many of them working around you.

Availability of skilled people

An average of 129 members works regularly in all the coworking spaces. It may sometimes happen so that you or your client may need services that you may not be able to deliver but if you are working in a coworking space you work with many other people and know them, you can take their help to help deliver those services to your client. You have people who are ready to work sitting by your side every day in every coworking space. You have the advantage of knowing people who you can rely on when you require their services or help instead of looking around for them.

Coworking Spaces – Social Offices

Earlier there were no options for freelancers except to work from home, but now things have drastically changed. When you as a freelancer opt to work from a coworking space instead of home you have a chance to build a great network of people, and social interactions that may help in personal and professional growth as well.

If you find like-minded people you may build connections talk to them on varied professions or topics relating to or common to your work and improve your knowledge.

Coworking spaces are and will remain the best choice for freelancers and regular employees alike. Because this will help them to improve their skills, build connections, and be a part of the community without feeling any pressure or burden.

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