Managed Office Spaces & Business Benefits

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The evolution of managed office spaces is changing the way businesses operate. The number of flexible workspaces on offer is increasing in cities like Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Pune, Lucknow, Patna & Ranchi while key global markets are expanding rapidly.

It is now easy to find centers providing co-working, serviced, and hybrid offices all over India. Office space is changing to meet a broader range of business needs, as businesses shift to managed office spaces to minimize costs, escape long-term lease deals and encourage new market access. This involves larger businesses pursuing custom accommodation, but on flexible terms and conditions of 5,000 sq. ft. and higher.

A managed workspace is a workspace solution that is entirely outsourced. From sourcing the property to its design, outfit, and, finally, its service, all is taken care of by a third party. This allows businesses to focus on their important functions, while an experienced team such as O-Launchpad based in Bhubaneswar delivers a customized and fully-branded office on their behalf.

How does your business benefit from Managed Office Spaces?

The Managed office spaces contractor will handle the whole process while procuring controlled office space, from selecting the best space for the client to negotiating with the landlord to formulating the costs involved in the process. When a customer moves in, he will then design, create and fit out a room to suit customer specifications, deal with furniture, fittings, IT, and telecoms, and manage all services, enabling them to simply concentrate on running their business.

Benefits of Managed Office Spaces

  • There will be no hidden costs and the size of your business also doesn’t matter, and the entire process would be transparent.
  • You get a fully customized and branded office space that fits you.
  • You have access to expert advice and resources.
  • When compared to the traditional system these spaces are delivered in a short time.
  • You have the flexibility to negotiate and define your needs and preferences.
  • These spaces reflect your brand and your work culture.
  • These will be built according to your budget and needs
  • You have flexibility in lease terms and time as well

O-Launchpad based in Bhubaneswar is a pioneer in managed office spaces and coworking spaces. We offer co-working spaces, Managed Office Spaces & even up-gradation of your present space according to your needs. For more information, please do write to us at and speak with our consultants on +91 8884446544

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