10 Reasons Why You Need a Co-Working Space? & How Do You Choose the Right One

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Coworking space is a great option to explore for startups, or entrepreneurs looking for expansion, and freelancers. They provide you with a tailored, professional, and motivating atmosphere that will help you to grow. Co-working space brings together professionals from various backgrounds such as freelancers, startups, and businessmen in a common workplace.

Big companies like Amazon, Dell, Instagram, and Uber have had their start in coworking spaces. Nowadays, new companies, established companies that are looking for expansion in new places, are opting for coworking space because of the innumerous benefits they offer.

Below listed are some:

  1. You can have custom made working space that suits your professional needs.
  2. You can have access to infrastructural facilities without any investment.
  3. You can have access to work place24/7, so you can plan your work as per your convenience.
  4. You can share office amenities, cafeteria, or kitchen with coworkers.
  5. Coworking spaces have very flexible pricing which helps you to save a lot of money.
  6. You can rent a space on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis depending on your needs and the company policies.
  7. You can have access to facilities like a virtual office, virtual meeting space, and even virtual exhibitions on a rental basis.
  8. You can also rent a meeting space for a day or weekly basis depending on how much time you need it.
  9. Many coworking spaces also run startup incubators that will help you develop your business in a great way. For example, O-Launchpad, Bhubaneswar based co-working space provider, comes under Estacha Innovation Incubator that caters to the needs of startups.
  10. Coworking space offers you plenty of networking opportunities, as you come in contact with more people on a professional level.

If you are working at present from your home or a local coffee shop, this will be the best option for you to consider. It is flexible, cost-effective, you have access to professional networking and mentorship, as you grow and expand in your business or work you can also go on expanding your space alongside.

That’s just great, but how do you pick the right coworking space? Here is the checklist.

  1. You want to find a place that is near to you, or your clients, if you want to use coworking space to meet clients then we suggest that you go for a place that is near or convenient to them.
  2. Choose as to what you want to go for, a shared office space, or a startup incubator, you have to make a decision depending on what and where you want to see yourself.
  3. You do need to have a clear idea as to how much space you need? What kind of resources do you need? Do they provide a professional environment? And do they provide mentorship and conducts events regularly.

Once you have figured out all this you are all set for a great start. So go ahead and turn your dream into reality.

We at O LaunchPad assist you with everything that you need to grow your business or work from a startup level to a giant.

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