5 Best Co-Working Space Trends for the Year 2021- Experts View

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The future of the coworking industry shines bright because of the many advantages it holds. As with any other industry, though the covid pandemic has had its effects on the industry, now times are changing for the better. So our focus should be on how to adapt to the new technology, new ways of working, and layout business strategies for growth.

Expert studies from various countries reveal that coworking space trends are about to change a great deal in the upcoming year. So, keeping ourselves updated about the futuristic trends will help in coming up with developing new marketing strategies and thereby will result in higher profits. So let us focus on 5 important upcoming trends in the coworking industry for the year 2021.

  1. Till now the major focus in the coworking spaces has been in the prime locations, but now experts are predicting that in the coming year the focus will shift a great deal to suburbs. Suburban coworking brings all the amenities and facilities to your neighbourhood. It comes with many advantages such as travelling time saved, access to technological changes and it is much more affordable when it comes to pricing. Today technological changes have impacted not only big businesses but also the small ones, it has become necessary for small businesses and entrepreneurs to adapt to the technological changes to survive and to make progress. This indirectly results in an increase in demand for creating a properly organized working environment thus there is expected to be a great deal of increase in the scope for coworking spaces in the suburbs.
  1. Keeping in view the employee’s mental health, many corporates are offering flexible work schedules and work from home options. So, this in turn is expected to boost up the coworking trends bringing together professionals from various backgrounds under one roof.
  1. In the future coworking spaces’ perspective will not be just limited to getting an office space. The spectrum is going to be much broader, like having all the commercial services available that are directly or indirectly linked to the working of a business, or organization. As the availability of a cafeteria, sound rooms, stationery shop, etc., will not only be beneficial to the people that are utilizing coworking spaces but will also help the companies offering coworking spaces generate additional revenue.
  1. Coworking trends for the year 2021 are expected to be more work environment-oriented like professionals coming from the IT sector needs a particular environment and a person hailing from the law altogether needs a different environment, a writer may need an entirely different environment. One person may need all the gadgets and technology to work with and a proper professional environment while the other person may prefer more close to the natural work environment, open, fresh air, lots of ventilation, etc., So, this is expected to play a very important role in the coming time as personal preferences change according to the needs of the individual and the kind of work he will do.
  1. Managing the spaces is expected to play a crucial role in the year 2021. The way spaces are designed and utilized, like the places should not be too small or too big, or imperfectly planned and positioned. According to a survey, the average coworking space utilization rate is 1.2 members per desk. It is natural to want to get the most out of the available space but the quality is the most important factor that should not be ignored in this aspect. Analyzing data, having an idea about the demands of the individual or the organization, and paying personal attention to the needs will help a great deal in maximum utilization of spaces to generate profits.

So, let us gear up, and layout strategies for a better and brighter year that is on the horizon.

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