Co-working Past, Present and Future 2021 – Advantages Disadvantages & Guidelines

Advantages of coworking space

Many small businesses are still suffering uncertainty as we approach the end of 2021. People are still staying at home or changing their normal routine due to safety worries. Many employers continue to provide employees with flexible work hours and the option of working from home. Coworking spaces are an appealing option for entrepreneurs, online business owners, freelancers, and remote workers in this environment.

Coworking Became Popular because of its many advantages though it has a few disadvantages

In the early 2000s, coworking became a popular option to working at home or in public spaces like cafes, etc because of the number of benefits that it offers.

It creates a more peaceful environment. Of course, personal disputes can arise anyplace. In contrast to a more insular traditional office, a diverse and flexible setting, such as a coworking space, is less likely to be plagued by office politics and gossip. It provides networking opportunities. You can meet potential business partners, investors, collaborators, employees, and employers.

It allows you to meet people from all sectors and walks of life. In comparison to a regular office, such a setting might be more exciting and innovative. It provides a social environment and helps to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness that might arise from working at home for lengthy periods.


It’s not always easy to figure out how much something will cost. Depending on the organization, location, and frequency of use, coworking spaces offer several programs. It may take some time and experimenting to find the option that gives you the most bang for your buck. There isn’t enough privacy. Working in a public area may not be ideal if you require privacy, such as for phone calls discussing sensitive or confidential information.

There are numerous distractions. A coworking space can be distracting if the space is busy or if you have friends to talk to. Distractions can be found anywhere, whether at home, in a cafe, or in a traditional office.

How do pandemics change the face of coworking?

When the pandemic of 2020 struck, coworking spaces experienced many of the same issues that other businesses did. They did, however, provide many people with an option to go to work or stay at home. In comparison to a regular workplace, coworking environments tend to provide more social distancing alternatives. For one thing, they are frequently open 24 hours a day, allowing clients to stagger their appointments to avoid crowds.

In 2020, coworking spaces, like so many other businesses, have to undergo some re-organization. Companies modified floor plans to allow more personal space and redirected entrances to avoid unnecessary interaction in addition to improved cleanliness and hygiene.

Enforcing social separation in an atmosphere that was designed to enhance socialization is a bit of a conundrum. Even a safer, reimagined coworking environment, on the other hand, is still a public space and far more social than working from home. Coworking is a feasible alternative for firms and entrepreneurs in 2021, although conditions remain unpredictable.

Guidelines to be followed in coworking spaces during the pandemic

Whether you’re a lone entrepreneur or in charge of a team, coworking offers a variety of flexible work options. Do your research and pick your coworking place carefully. Check to see if they have policies in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Check through user reviews to see if they provide the characteristics you’re looking for.

Observe safety procedures. Keep up with the newest news and advice in your area about masks, social distance, immunizations, and the current risk level. Maintain a clean personal space. Even though coworking spaces have a cleaning service, each user is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Take everything with you and don’t leave any trash behind before you depart.

When it’s appropriate, use virtual meetings. The majority of coworking spaces provide meeting rooms to their customers. While social separation is still encouraged, using video conferencing software to hold meetings online is safer. Virtual meetings are typically more convenient because participants can join from anywhere.

The Future

The benefit of coworking spaces is that they may serve a variety of purposes. Some people utilize them as their major or sole source of income. Others utilize them just on rare occasions, such as when they are travelling or when their regular job is closed. Most coworking spaces provide a range of flexible options based on how frequently you need to use them.

Some major corporations have locations in several cities and countries. This type of setup is ideal for entrepreneurs who travel frequently and need to check into a local coworking office. The future of the co-working spaces depends on what changes they have made in the physical spaces? What permanent steps they have taken to maintain hygiene and safety in the spaces? Have they adopted the technology to ensure a safe environment?

If yes then the future of coworking spaces is just great. If you can ensure people that they are being provided with the best and safe working environment they don’t mind paying extra because safety is more important to them and is going to remain so in the future. Changing and adapting to new demands is the mantra for success anywhere so is coworking spaces.

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