Creating Better Coworking Spaces for Women

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Coworking spaces, in addition to being companies themselves, facilitate the activities of small and large businesses all over the world. Women make important contributions to the coworking industry as founders, managers, and users.

Women-owned companies account for 40% of all businesses in the United States. Around one-third of coworking spaces were created or are owned by women, and more than one-third of coworking spaces are owned by women.

According to a Survey, women made up more than half of those who used coworking space memberships prior to the pandemic. Workplaces have a part to play in empowering women in the post-pandemic future, and they should make changes that help all employees.

There are a number of things that coworking space providers should think about, to make their workplaces more inclusive and respectful of women, let us explore.

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Changing the place of Power Outlets:

Chargers and outlets should be placed on top of desks rather than under them. Make it simple for employees to plug in without bending down and ducking under a desk, or making someone do so around them.

Choosing the right flooring:

Do you have a floor that is too loud? Hard surfaces, such as concrete, can cause someone wearing heels or hard soled shoes to make a lot of noise when walking across a room, attracting unwanted attention and potentially awkward situations.

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Plan for Varied Social Events:

Once you’re able to host social functions at your workplace again after COVID, keep them varied. To be mindful of those with family commitments, it is best to align choices that are outside of working hours (like a happy hour) with those that are during working hours. It also helps to balance activities with and without alcohol choices, such as a community brunch.

Keep a check on Temperatures:

Women perform better on tasks in warmer conditions, according to a new survey. So make sure you keep a check on temperatures.

Reduce the amount of glass in your office and reconsider the open plan layout:

Women can feel uneasy in rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Open plan offices, like excessive glass, may lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Open plans, on the other hand, will make workers feel fairer to one another, according to the report.

Changes in the way a workplace is designed and run, while especially beneficial to making the workplace more comfortable for women, will make the coworking spaces better for everyone.

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