Culture of Coworking Spaces

How to make “Co-Working Spaces” Work for You

O-launchpadCulture of co-working spaces is unique, we are on the brink of a “new” digital economy-some say it is already here-but, as it continues to change, so does the way the workforce operates, including where people conduct their business physically. Technological advancements, especially in lighter, more compact computers, pointed to a concrete future that no longer required team members to sit in the same room to efficiently carry out their business.

Instead, individuals tend to work in spaces that simply stage sets that look like conventional white-collar workplaces. Getting a physical place to work still matters even in today’s digital age. Besides, coworking spaces mean being with other individuals as much as they are about getting the aforementioned place to work. At the same time, they are highly branded cultural consumption environments that push the notion that it is meaningful, creative, collaborative, and enjoyable to work in the new economy.

Coworking spaces begun to appear in major metropolitan areas around the world such as Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo. In India also co-working spaces are cathing pace and are already there in metros and state capitals. O LaunchPad is a pioneer in co-working spaces in Odisha which has opened gateways for many big companies such as Sony & Zomato in Odisha.

Many co-working spaces look the same and imply an idealised atmosphere for high-tech startups. Besides, it matters where we live, not only for our success but for our well-being and sense of self. Coworking spaces give participants not only tangible opportunities such as Wi-Fi and 3D printing, but also more emotional benefits such as the sociability opportunity and the status gained from tech start-up culture and creative industries.

Co-working spaces promote the notion that working in the modern economy needs to be meaningful and even moral rather than drudgery. The value of innovation and imagination is indicated by original artwork, some of which are for sale. Entertainment centres full of board games, video games, and even arcade games of the 1980s remind employees to introduce fun into their day, and happy hours and other group activities are aimed at making these spaces look sociable and collaborative.

In coworking spaces, little communication between participants takes place. In reality, people do not even really speak to each other beyond exchanging short pleasantries. Despite assumptions, it is not rare for members to distance themselves from each other when wearing noise-cancelling headphones, secretly invested in their work. As more coworking spaces emerge, market segmentation starts to separate them from each other.

Co-working space culture has its own set of advantages when people network with each other and explore growth opportunities. O LaunchPad is a pioneer in Odisha offering the best co-working spaces in Bhubaneswar, and other few states as well.

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