How A Co-working Space Is Bedrock Of Innovation

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A company that you may see today, was originally someone’s idea. It’s someone’s initially small, idea that a whole lot of people start working on, which earns them their living. So there is no denying that Innovation is what keeps people alive, companies running and societies thriving. For any organization or industry or any company for that matter to keep being relevant, they have to keep innovating and keep being creative. That is how the organizations run in entirety.

But the basic question remains on how to keep being innovative while being as cost-effective as possible. To see new opportunities and harness available resources in the best way possible to pursue that idea is what keeps the organizations running and keeps generating employment and profits.

But the most important question that we need to ask how to keep being creative and innovative and at the same time keep being skinny with the cost. Usually networking and finding new ideas, start-ups, and innovative companies to invest in can be very difficult and time-consuming. These events and meetings take place in 5-star or even 7-star hotels, there’s a certain cost associated with being a member of such organizations that arrange for such events, so the everlasting wants to minimize the cost and maximizing profits becomes a little farfetched.

Management wants to get the most out of every effort and avoid dead-ends, and by definition, innovation is never a sure thing, one good idea takes a lot of bad ideas. At the same time, thanks to advances in the social sciences and the growing influence of design thinking as a problem-solving methodology, more knowledge is available than ever before about how to incubate innovation and assure it flourishes.

How Co-Working Space helps in this process:


So, first and foremost, we love co-working spaces for the easy networking it provides. We love a good bowl of salad, of minds that are equally enthusiastic and oozing with an over-flow of new ideas and innovations, as many companies, start-ups, and creatives work together in one place in a co-working space, you get a good networking event already displayed on a platter. Networking not only can bring you unseen opportunities for partnerships but can also bring you new clients and increase your chances of bigger and major brands and companies finding out about you.

2. SPOTTING A SUPPLIER’S shortcoming:

Spotting a supplier’s coming, where you can step in and provide for a problem that the specific locality, people, or industry might be facing. Testing out a product that the market may or may not demand might be risky as you might not be able to generate enough demand for the product. However, when you see a “market hole” that has the demand but for which the supply is not meant with will be a chance for you to not only spot a market shortcoming and fix it but also to create a “unique” demand that your product might be able to create for itself. Such loop-holes and market shortcomings are easier to spot when you get ample exposure to the industry itself, this exposure is at its maximum when you work at a collaborative work station.


Businesses focus on minimized costs and maximized profits, so every penny that can be cut down on the cost part is worth cutting down, and finding a cheaper supply chain can help you achieve it. Working in a collaborative work environment facilitates you to find cheaper and better supply chains and help with your cost minimization.


Businesses make huge profits by investing in newer companies and start-ups earlier on and amassing on their increased valuation later. The trick here again is the timing! Spotting a new company that has a great idea but needs money is a tough job and this is where working in a collaborative space benefits you. It makes you better prepared and aware of the developments that are taking place around you, in the industry.

So these were some of the ways that you could be benefitted exclusively just by working at a collaborative space.

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