How Co-working Spaces Can Help With Child Care

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Many parents accept that once they have a child, the commitment and time they used to devote to their job shifts and takes a backseat to their growing family. According to a study, 91.3 percent of families with children had at least one working parent, 64.2 percent of married couples had two working parents, and 66.4 percent of mothers with children under the age of six were employed the workforce. So, even though the work situation becomes complicated after having children, many parents still choose to work.

Traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. occupations make it difficult for parents to raise children, particularly young children. Corporate offices aren’t kid-friendly and day-care and after-school programmes can be expensive and located far from your workplace or home. As they grow, you want to spend with them, bond with them and become more involved with them.

If you’re one of the parents who decides to change jobs, work fewer hours, or build a more flexible lifestyle when raising children, you’ve made a conscious decision to alter your work-life balance, but you’re still facing some difficulties. Is there a way for parents to get what they want?

What Are Childcare-Friendly Coworking Spaces?

Since the first one opened, coworking spaces have become more popular. They are characterised as membership-based workspaces that bring together a diverse community of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals in a collaborative, collective environment.

Employees who work in coworking spaces experience higher levels of thriving than those who work in conventional offices, according to researchers who study how people thrive.

Some coworking spaces are bringing this idea to the next level by including a childcare option in their offerings. The childcare aspect may take the form of a more conventional day-care model or a babysitting co-op or share, among other options. Many freelancers and independent contractors can achieve a better work-life balance by working in coworking spaces with childcare.


Coworking spaces with childcare provide parents with the advantages of a group work atmosphere, allowing them to sit with like-minded adults while providing high-quality childcare.
Parents benefit from shorter commutes without frequent stops and an atmosphere where they can function productively while their children play and learn happily and comfortably, either under the same roof or in a separate location.

Common Issues

Finding suitable places, rental costs, and childcare facility specifications are all common issues. Many conditions apply to opening a childcare facility, including but not limited to room requirements, licencing requirements for both staff and companies, strict adult-to-child ratios, and the requirement that all parents working on-site with infants have an approved licensure.

Successfully Operating Coworking Spaces

Due to stringent limitations on day-care facilities, such as caregiver-to-child ratios, number of bathrooms and exits, and other rules and regulations that day-cares must follow in order to function safely, many coworking spaces with the intention of providing childcare have failed. A babysitting swap is a much more casual idea that is not intended to be a family’s primary source of childcare.

It offers a versatile and professional atmosphere for parents, allowing them to host meetings, work on proposals and network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and get work done without interruption. Some coworking space provide individualised childcare for children up to three hours a day in a bright and stimulating playroom with age-appropriate toys and activities. Most parents value the ability to work from home with a flexible schedule and an open workspace that is also child-friendly, allowing them to keep their children close by. If you want to work in a co-working space, look for one in your area and get started.

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