How to make “Co-Working Spaces” Work for You

How to make “Co-Working Spaces” Work for You

Hey! So you’re a budding start-up or an individual creative and curious about trying out this “co-working spaces” thing that creating a buzz everywhere? You have arrived at the right place! Let us drop a little help and guide for you to get started.

So before we go about exploring how you can start about getting this “co-working” thing to your benefit, let us put it simply before you as to what this “co-working” thing is! So, “co-working” basically is a modern corporative concept where individuals and groups of people come together to work collaboratively or individually in a shared space, basically a concept where strangers work side-by-side to each other. To know more about what are the key benefits of choosing a co-working space for you, visit O-Launchpad Best Co-working Space in Bhubaneswar.

So now we have put our basics into perspective and we know what we are talking about, let us head over to how you can make this work for you.


Hiring a good community manager for your teams is crucial! A community manager is someone who looks after every member of your team, troubleshoots the issues that arise in the space, smoothens out your workflow and plans, and streamlines your output, however, a good community manager does all that but also matches your company’s ethics and energy and is righteous and motivated. Don’t get me wrong, but any technical skillset can be learned but soft skills are something that makes a worker stand-out from their alternatives. Let’s be real, most problems in a workspace are not going to be technical, they are going to be frictions between two or more worker and you being the boss will not even get to hear about most of it. So getting a good community manager becomes extremely important, hence take time to find one and make sure their energy matches your company’s values and are loaded with those “soft skills” we talked about. A good community manager will not only keep your team motivated and productive but will also go on to inspire your team to give their best.


This is your space, personalize! Make a community wall and pin Polaroid pictures of your team members. Add their achievements and remarks from other members add their birthdays and then maybe describe them in one word and pin it on top of their photos, some companies go as far as adding networking details and even adding fun facts about their members. Anything from something as silly as their favorite food or something they keep doing quite often, for example talking too fast or moving their hair too much, can find its place on the member’s board. Try to keep it as colorful, funny, and friendly as possible. Such a board will make the members know each other more and collaborate in a better way. Consider keeping a fishbowl near the Xerox or Fax machine or near the toilet maybe and ask everyone to drop anything they want to be known “anonymously”. This will not only make them feel at ease and be more comfortable, this will also motivate them to give their best and most importantly feel their best!


Traditional offices have been struggling to make better out of their spaces and arrange and rearrange them in ways to make space more and more collaborative and make it feel less and less “office”. But co-working spaces have that advantage along with the thousand other advantages of the traditional office spaces. So, take this as an opportunity and work to get the best out of the space. Personalize, make it more fun and artistic to look at, and make work more fun! Consider reinventing your physical layout and personalize as much as possible. Take inputs from other members of your team, this will not only give you valuable insights on personalization of the space but will also make all your members feel as important as you are for the company and fade their hesitance to approach you with their problems or ideas.


Hosting events is not just about making everyone feel comfortable and collaborate better but hosting little events not just for the sake of hosting events but also to give an opportunity to everyone to network, know each other better, make working fun, and getting to learn from each other all this is a fun and playful way. Make a calendar for all the upcoming events coming up that month, this will not only keep your team members keep looking forward to something but will also keep them from taking unnecessary leaves because they love their job, if the events are really hosted in a fun and entertaining way!

Take a whiteboard and write down all the events that are up-coming on that day.

Some popular ideas include:

Pecha-Kucha: A Pecha-Kucha night invites participants to share 20 images each for 20 seconds. This is great for getting new members to know each other or for start-up founders to prep their elevator pitch.

Lunch-and-learn: For members, who don’t have a lot of time outside traditional working hours; take advantage of the lunch break to host an expert speaker, a book club, a brainstorming session, or a member-led presentation about a topic.

Creative-Mornings: If there are a lot of creative types at your workspace, like designers, copywriters, or content creators, host a Creative-Morning. Over free breakfast, an expert in a creative field gives a short talk about what inspires them.

Start-up Weekend: The formal organization has hosted 1,800 past events in 500 cities around the world, bringing together developers, designers, marketers, and product managers to pitch ideas, form teams, build prototypes and launch their start-ups.

Work-warming: Host a karaoke night on the weekends and invite your team members to chill out and enjoy the weekends with good food and some wine and some fun games with karaoke.


Start a community newsletter, note down all the happenings that took place that month. Add all the advancements that your members have achieved. Mention the smallest of them, if someone offered a breakthrough with a client- add it! If someone came up with an amazing idea- add it! If someone could complete their assigned job within the given time- add it! No matter how small the advancement may be, it would mean a lot to someone and feel appreciated and recognized. Mention all this along with all the other important information like the new additions to your team, the important or the unimportant events coming up that week/month, and who’s who. Finding all that in one place will only feel your clients feel safe and in secure hands. Keep it playful, keep it creative!


Celebrate every tiniest success of the newest of the members, especially interns, as they are the ones who might have moved newly to the city and missing their families, living below the lifestyle they are used to and made to work more than other members in the workspace. Most times when an intern at a company is happy, the company is considered to be a good place to be in and ethical in a lot of ways. Trust me people leave high paying places/positions for such caring work environments, even with a lesser wage. 


One of the best and the most unique things about co-working spaces is that they are designed so beautifully and the aesthetics are taken care of. These places look more like coffee shops and less like offices so that not just makes workers be at the place for long and be more focused but it also keeps them motivated and inspired and keeps them from taking unnecessary leaves to mentally detox and recharge.

By keeping these things in mind and constantly being motivated to be a good boss for your company and for your members you not only attract like-minded people to work with you but also give your company a more nourishing team of members who believe in the vision that you believe in.

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