10 Best Tips for Co-working Space Design

coworking space design

As a coworking space owner, proper coworking space design is critical to getting off on the right foot. You will increase the chances of success by providing a diverse range of space and membership options to appeal to customers of varying financial means and workspace requirements.

Satellite Desk works, a workspace management platform that makes this simple by allowing for quick and versatile product development as well as automated utilization monitoring against various membership plans. The Satellite team also has a track record of successfully launching and scaling a long-term coworking area.

Here are ten of our best coworking space design tips for designing a successful collaborative workspace.

Make sure there are plenty of outlets

It’s important in a workspace to ensure that there’s energy available at all times. If members can’t keep their computers and equipment charged, they won’t stick around. Make sure there are outlets available wherever people might be seated. Tables in the style of a library make this a lot simpler. Many people prefer this type of seating in open coworking areas because the power can be run down the table.

Wi-Fi and wired connections should be available

A hardwired link is needed by some people. Others, particularly in open coworking spaces, are unconcerned about wifi. To cater to a wide variety of practitioners, include both choices. Keep in mind that hard-wired connections allow you to charge more for your spaces.

Different places may be used to create a community feel

Make sure there isn’t just one wide open room. People should feel like they’re in a neighbourhood. Create areas where people can be quieter and others where they can be louder; create designated rest areas; create designated kitchen areas. All of these items provide members with more flexibility and job opportunities. Remember to leave enough space for your printer, phone cubes, and mailboxes.

In Coworking space, Design storage should be given priority

Any of your team members will need secure storage. Others would have their laptop or tablet as their whole universe. Those who want to store things in the room have locking storage options.

Coworking space design should make provision for light

You will charge a lot more for an office with a window if you have one. However, if you use any of your windows as offices, your coworking space would be very uncomfortable. Make light delivery a priority in your space to make each area appealing and bright.

Glass walls are good, but keep in mind that people get offices to have some privacy. Using privacy film in a fascinating pattern will keep your room light and airy while providing the privacy that people need.

Make sure you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket

As a workspace provider, you rent space from a landlord, making a long-term commitment for a large space and then breaking it up into smaller pieces for very short-term commitments.

No one entity/member must be responsible for a significant portion of your income for this to function financially. That way, if you lose, you’ll have a backup plan.

Before you go furniture shopping, make a list of your requirements

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, don’t go shopping for office furniture. Know the dimensions of what you’ll need for each form of workspace and how your coworking space’s workstations will be distributed. You don’t want to buy furniture simply because it looks nice or because you like it; you want furniture that meets a specific need and serves a specific purpose in your space while still looking nice.

Create the atmosphere of a courtyard

A courtyard feel is one of the most significant coworking space design features, with the open coworking area serving as the central hub. This adds to space’s vibrancy and keeps the private office members from feeling lonely. People come to a coworking centre for the energy and connections, so don’t plan a room with long, dark corridors.

Make sure you get the right workspace dimensions

You must build suitable workspace dimensions to create an effective, sustainable coworking space. People will gravitate toward the type of space and membership package that provides them with the space they need to function. You will attract more types of professionals if you have more types of rooms.

  • Workstations are 6 feet by 6 feet and come with locking storage and a hardwired link. They even have a file cabinet behind the desk and, on occasion, an overhead cabinet. They should also be able to attach a phone.
  • 3-4 foot tall x 2 feet deep coworking station to create more open space, the 2-foot dimension can be reduced to 20-22 inches. 2 feet is a common measurement, but you can go smaller if you’re making furniture. The smallest coworking space we suggest is 20 inches by 36 inches when set up as a “library table” with power running down the centre of the table.
  • While smaller offices are common in coworking spaces, 8′ x 10′ for 1-2 person offices and 10′ x 12′ for 3-4 person offices. For larger groups, team rooms are often important.
  • 2-foot x 5 feet dedicated desk with locking storage Dedicated desks are usually equipped with a small filing cabinet.

Make sure you have a variety of workspace choices. Offering all of the above is a smart way to appeal to a wide range of members.

Make a core that is inviting and spacious

When they’re in your office, make them feel like they’re in an open, inviting room. Human elements, such as plants and paintings, as well as a few comfortable, cozy seating areas, are one way to go. Remember that people will be working closely together, so choose a location with high ceilings, usually 10-15 feet. Particularly in your open coworking space, coworking space design with high ceilings provide a sense of space and transparency, making working with less square footage per person much more comfortable.

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